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5 of the Best Beaches in Salcombe for Swimming, Surfing and Sunbathing

Devon Hotels beach in Salcombe

Not only is Salcombe known for its natural beauty, but also for its clear blue waters and soft golden beaches. Whether you’re looking for a beach for a family day out, or a place to practice water sports, this stunning coastal town is sure to have a beach that exceeds all of your needs.

5 beaches that you need to visit when in Salcombe:

South Sands

Devon Hotels beach in Salcombe, South Sands

From canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and diving, this flat sandy beach caters for all water sport lovers. You can take a 25-30 minute stroll from the town, drive or enjoy the ferry which operates from Whitestrand Quay in Salcombe, enjoying the picturesque views. With access to a beach cafe and water-sports centre, you’re sure to be well looked after all day. (Dogs are not allowed between 1st May and 30th September.)

North Sands

Devon Hotels beach in Salcombe, North Sands

Only a 15 minute walk from Salcombe town and with calm shallow water, this sandy beach is perfect for families. Although it is relatively smaller compared to other beaches in the area, the beautiful ruins of Salcombe Castle adds history and texture to an already impeccable beach. With its very own cafe and more than enough parking, this beach suits all. (Dogs are allowed all year round.)

East PortlemouthDevon Hotels beach in Salcombe, East Portlemouth

By crossing the estuary, you’re greeted with a series of soft, yellow, sandy beaches. Depending on the tide, you will either be able to run free on a long stretch of beach, or a number of smaller coves when the tide becomes high - Fishermans Cove and Smalls Cove which leads down to Mills Bay. Accessible by ferry, this beach is ideal for those seeking a more peaceful space to relax. It is also perfect for families wanting to explore rock pools and play in shallow water. This beach isn’t completely deserted, above the steps to the ferry you will find a cafe offering you high quality meals and snacks. (Dogs are allowed all year round.)

Mill Bay

Devon Hotels beach in Salcombe, Mill Bay

A short walk from East Portlemouth, this privately owned beach offers golden sand, safe swimming and rock pools. Easily accessible by ferry, there is also a small car park if preferred. (Dogs are allowed all year round.)

Sunny Cove

Devon Hotels beach in Salcombe, Sunny Cove

Just around the corner from Mill Bay, you will witness the most beautiful views of the harbour. Known for its sunny aspects, this quieter beach allows you to take in all that Salcombe has to offer. Accessed by the East Portlemouth ferry and then a short walk, Sunny Cove is sure to give you more peace compared to the other beaches. (Dogs are allowed all year round.)

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