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History of the Cream Tea

National Cream Tea Day Devon Hotels

Could there be a tradition any more Devonshire than National Cream Tea Day? Think of Devon and what images spring to mind? Rolling hills, sandy beaches, cobbled streets and then there’s the scrumptious cream teas. But where did they come from? Where were they invented? 

The Bedford Hotel Tavistock Devon Hotels National Cream Tea Day

The answer is one of our very own Devon Hotels members - The Bedford Hotel. The Bedford Hotel originally formed part of Tavistock’s Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey was established in the 10th Century, but was badly damaged by Vikings in 997AD. Restoration of the Abbey was undertaken by local workers and monks who were rewarded with bread, clotted cream and strawberry preserves. And so, the Devon Cream Tea was born.

Enjoying a scone, jam and clotted cream flourished in the Westcountry following the tourism boom in the 1850’s brought on by the opening of the railway. Visitors bustled south looking to relax and indulge, and hotels, tearooms, farmhouses and cafes were happy to oblige - offering delicious afternoon cream teas made with the finest local ingredients. It seems not much has changed - the cream tea is as popular today as it was over 160 years ago!

So whether you’re venturing out to a darling Devon hotel or you’re entertaining your family and friends at home, spread that strawberry jam and dollop that clotted cream on a crumbly scone and serve it up with a perfect cup of tea to celebrate National Cream Tea Day.

Many of our members will cater for your cream tea needs - check out their websites or give them a call.

Oh and remember, it's always cream first in Devon...

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