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Meet the General Manager: Salcombe Harbour & Spa


Jason Parry, Salcombe Harbour Hotel & Spa



I grew up in South Wales (Barry to be exact) but moved to Devon (Torquay, somewhere I still call home today) about 25 years ago to attend South Devon College on a HND in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management, then basically never left. I have always been very interested in Hospitality and couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I have worked at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel now for nearly 10 years as the General Manager and have been a GM for about 15 years in total.


 What does your typical day look like? 

Is there such a thing? I can honestly say no two days are the same and not very alike either, that’s what makes them so fun and interesting.


2. What have you always enjoyed about the hospitality industry?

The engagement with people, making someone’s stay by the team going the extra mile. Also the development of the team around me, nothing is more satisfying then seeing people grow and develop something that can happen quite quickly in the Hospitality Industry.


3. What do you enjoy most about working at the hotel?  

All very similar to the previous question really, what has been really nice for me here is taking the hotel from opening to where we are today, it has been challenging at times but really rewarding.


4. What’s the hardest part of the job? 

There can be a lot of plates to spin a lot of the time, keeping on top of things can take self-discipline and focus when you need to get things done. I wouldn’t say hardest because there are different challenges at different times, some you can prepare for and others that you can’t, that’s what keeps it interesting.


5. Describe your ideal day off.

It sounds a bit cliché but I love spending time with family and friends. Hotel life can be pretty full on at times so the opportunity of a little down time is always great, walks on the beach with my wife and Dachshund couldn’t be any better.


6. What other career would you have liked to pursue? 

 To be completely honest, there was only ever really one choice for me. I started out wanting to be a chef, but quickly decided that my future lay in the Front of House and now I absolutely love what I do.


7. What can’t you do without, and why? 

It would have to be my iPhone; my life is on that thing. We work in a 24/7 business so keeping in touch is very important at all times for me.


8. What are your recommendations for visitors to the area and the hotel?  

There is so much to see and do in the area to be honest, Salcombe Gin School, the most amazing views all along the coast, National Trust properties such as Overbecks, wonderful beaches; we are on the South West Coast Path, which is quite simply stunning. The list goes on and on.


9. Any exciting future plans for the hotel? 

 I work for a very progressive company so there are always great plans. The end of 2020 – beginning of 2021 will see the opening of what was the Tides Reach Hotel here in Salcombe. Between now and then we will review our operations here at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel to ensure it is still current and will be different enough from the offering on the new hotel.


10. What are your favourite items on the food/drink menus?  

There are some items on our menus that don’t change, as they as so popular, for this I would say the Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé and the Cod and Crab dish (both have been there since we opened over 6 years ago and still sell extremely well today). 


11. Which event or time of the year do you love most at the hotel?

Being in a coastal location, the hotel changes throughout the year, but I guess it would have to be Christmas as everyone is here to enjoy themselves and it’s a time for family celebrations.


12. Last, but not least, what's your tipple of choice?  

Being based in Salcombe, it would have to be a Gin and Tonic and there are none better than a Salcombe Gin and Tonic.

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